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Rates expressed as Annual Percentage Rate (APR)

TermsRatesPointsAPRMax Loan (1)Max LTV Ratio (2)Monthly Payment per $1000 Borrowed (3)
30 Year4.250%0.0004.317%$417,00095%$4.92
15 Year3.250%0.0003.364%$417,00095%$7.03
5-1 ARM2.500%0.0003.050%$417.00095%$3.95
7-1 ARM2.750%0.0003.081%$417,00095%$4.08
10-1 ARM3.000%0.0003.160%$417,00095%$4.22
30-Year Jumbo4.750%0.0004.772%$417,00080%$5.22
15 Year Jumbo3.250%0.0003.295%$1,000,00080%$7.03
5-1 ARM Jumbo3.000%0.0003.187%$1,000,00080%$4.22
7-1 ARM Jumbo3.250%0.0003.275%$1,000,00080%$4.35
10-1 ARM Jumbo3.000%0.0003.123%$1,000,00080%$4.22

Fixed Rate Home Equity Loans

5 Year Fixed 3.75% 3.754%
10 Year Fixed 4.50%4.502%
15 Year Fixed5.00% 5.002%

Home Equity Line of Credit

RatePrime + 0%
PrimeWall Street Journal prime rate as of last business day each month

(1) Maximum loan amount may vary by county for Maryland

(2) LTV=loan-to-value. 80% LTV maximum for refinances and jumbo loans. For purchases, private mortgage insurance (PMI) is required on LTV's in excess of 80%. 80% LTV maximum for all condominiums (refinances and purchases).

(3) Escrow for real property taxes and insurance may be required. Escrow not included in cost per $1,000 amounts.

(4) Interest Rates and/or Annual Percentage Rates (APR) shown are subject to change without notice.

(5) Your rate is not guaranteed until written confirmation is received from the lender.

(6) Interest Rates shown are only an indication of current market rates.

(7) You may be charged points based on your credit score, loan to value and other pricing variances.